Disaster Management Section

The main activities of the Disaster Management Department may be divided into three categories

  • Normal Relief:-
  1. Gratuitous Relief:-  Rule 126 of the Relief Manual contains the provisions:- The following persons shall be entitled to G.R. provided they have no relatives able, and by customs of the country bound, to support them:- a) Idiots & Lunatics, b) Cripples, c) Blind persons, d) All persons who from age or physical infirmity are incapable of earning their living, d) All persons whose attendance on sick or an infant child in their own hoses is absolutely necessary, f) Women of respectable birth who are debarred by natural custom from appearing in public and are in danger of starvation, g) Such other persons who cannot work and cannot be provided with work.
  2. Starvation (Cash) G.R.:- Cash G.R. is provided to prevent death out of starvation on need base cases. One unit = 120 /month/adult and half of the rate for minors.
  • Emergency Relief:-
  1. Special G.R. — Special G.R.(12 kg rice/month/adult) is granted as emergency relief for a temporary period to the calamity-affected people as well as to the victims of fire accidents/riots, etc.
  2. House Building (H.B.) Grant  House building grant is paid to indigent families who are living Below Poverty Line and whose total family income does not exceed % 2500/month to rebuild or repair their damaged/ destroyed dwelling houses which is damaged during Natural Calamities and Accidental fires.
  • Other Assistance:-
  1. Ex-Gratia Grant Ex-gratia grant is paid to the next of kin/kin of the person who suffers a loss due to natural calamities such as flood, cyclone, earthquake, tornado, or hailstorm. lightning. etc. as well as for accidental fire and sunstroke and snake bite. Essential papers required for sanction of Ex- Gratia grant by the concerned District Magistrate are : (a) Proforma report about the death with the views of B.D.O./S.D.O. concerned to be submitted to the District Magistrate along with a certificate of recommendation from the concerned Prodhan of the Gram Panchayat, Sabhapati of the Panchayat Samity/ Chairman of the Municipal Authority/Urban Authority, (b) Original petition of the next of kin(s) claiming ex-gratia grant, (c) Police Report in details stating the exact cause and date of death with the official seal of the concerned Police Station, (d) Attested copy of the death certificate, (e) Attested copy of the Post Mortem Report with the opinion of the autopsy Surgeon as to the cause of death (In case of death due to snake bite the District Magistrate concerned may sanction Ex-gratia grant without pressing for Post Mortem report on the basis of Medical Certificate issued by the Government doctor of the Govt. health centre/ hospital where the person concerned was admitted and treated before expiry.
  2. Economic Rehabilitation (E.R.) Grant, The scheme is designed to ensure the Economic Rehabilitation of distressed families who are capable of taking some productive occupation after getting grants from the State Govt. for the purchase of stock—in—trade like groceries or miscellaneous appliances like Carpenter’s Tools, Looms, Ambar Charka or starting trades like Pottery, Dairy, Black smithy, Laundry, Radio Repairing, Tea Stall, Goat/Pig rearing, Muri/Chira making, Selling of vegetables, mobile repairing, etc. or by getting Sewing machine in kind, which will ensure gainful rehabilitation of the families. The scheme will be restricted to such families as are eligible for Normal G.R. or have no income or whose monthly income does not exceed 2 2500 /month at present, Amount of the E.R. grant does not exceed 2 10000 in case of the sewing machine and the amount may vary from % 5000 to 2 15000 for small trade.