Tourist Places

Boro Sona Mosque Main Gate

Baroduari / Boro Sona Mosque

Category Historic, Natural / Scenic beauty

Baroduari mosque is half a kilometer to the south of Ramkeli. A gigantic rectangular structure of brick and stone, this…

Dakhil Darwaja Back Side

Dakhil Darwaja

Category Historic

It is an impressive gateway built in 1425 and is an important Muslim monument. Made of small red bricks and…

Firoz Minar Photo

Firoz Minar

Category Historic

A kilometre away from the Dakhil Darwaza is the Feroze Minar. It was built by Sultan Saifuddin Feroze Shah during…

Chika Mosque Photo

Chika Mosque

Category Historic

Sultan Yusuf Shah built the Chika Mosque in 1475. The name originated from the fact that it used to shelter…

Luko Churi Gate Photo Four

Luko Churi Gate

Category Historic

The Lakhchhipi Darwaza or Lukochuri Gate is located to the southeast of the Kadam Rasool Mosque. Shah Shuja is said…

Qadam Rasul Mosque Photo

Quadam Rasul Mosque

Category Historic

Opposite the Kadam Rasool Mosque stands the 17th-century tomb of Fateh Khan, a commander of Aurangzeb’s army. This interesting structure…

Gumti Darwaza Photo One

Gumti Darwaza

Category Historic

Standing to the northeast of the Chika Mosque, the Gumti Darwaza was built in 1512 by Allauddin Hussein Shah. Made…

Ramkeli Temople Full View


Category Others

Ramkeli is located 14 km south of Malda. Ramkeli is a small village on the way to Gour. It is…

Pirana Pir Dorga Photo

Pirana Pir

Category Others

The Pirana Pir is a dargah of Khawaja Akhi Siraj Aainae Hind in Malda district in the state of West…

Adina Eklakhi Full View

Eklakhi Mosque

Category Historic

The Eklakhi mosque is the most elegant monument in Pandua. One of the first square brick tombs in Bengal, with…

Adina Eco Tourism Park

Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Upcoming attraction at Adina, Gazole, an eco-park completely nature friendly and filled with greenery. A special attraction is an inside…

Malda Museum Photo

Malda Museum

Category Historic

Malda Museum is an archaeological museum under the West Bengal Directorate of Archaeology. The museum was established in 1937 and…