Refugee Relief & Rehabilitation Department

Issuance of F.H.T.D.:

This Department issues Free Hold Title Deed to refugee settlers who have migrated from erstwhile East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) before 25/03/1971.

At a glance Colonies of Malda District

  • Total no. of Colonies: 51
  • Free Hold Title Deed Issued Till 6th November 2019: 6013
  • Deed Issued During April 2019 – 6th November 2019: 74

Infrastructure Development:

This department also undertakes infrastructure development work in refugee colonies in the field of construction of roads, water supply, drainage, sanitation, etc.

  • The infrastructure development works are carried out through the Zilla Parishad / Panchayet Samity / Municipality as the case may be.
  • A proposal containing a Total of 55 no. of new schemes amounting to Rs. 2,01,38,456/- (Rupees two crore one lakh thirty-eight thousand four hundred and fifty-six only) under Gazol Dev. Block, English Bazar Dev. Block, Old Malda Dev. Block and Kaliachak-III Dev. Block, Malda has been sent to the department for sanction and allotment of funds for the financial year 2019-2020.

Other Objectives:

Besides issuing F.H.T.D. to refugee settlers and I.D. works 

  • This office also helps the deed holders to record their schedule of concerned B.L. & L.R.O. office by issuing L.R. plot certificates to them.
  • This Department also issues Certified copies of F.H.T.D.
  • And collects revenue by leasing out schools, colleges, shops, clubs, organizations, water bodies, etc. situated in different refugee colonies.