Revenue Munshikhana

Revenue Munshikhana is one of the oldest and most important sections of the Collectorate.

The section deals with a series of important files and matters such as

  • Acting as a cord of communication between various sections under the Jurisdiction of the District Magistrate and the Hon’ble Court in the matter of Civil Court Cases/ Civil Suits including engagement of State Advocates through the Ld. Legal Remembrancer for defending the Case.
  • Monitoring the collection of revenue of the State Government in the District including Electricity Duty and monthly revenue collection meetings are held.
  • Issuing of Legal Heirs Certificate in favor of any deceased Government Employee.
  • Helping banks for taking procession of a mortgaged property as per the law under SARFAESI Act, 2002.
  • Refunds of spoilt Non- Judicial Stamps are also processed through this section.
  • Transfer of Non-Judicial Stamp vendor License to a near relative in case of death or disability of the vendor.
  • Departmental Proceedings against any Government employee.

Besides this, Revenue Munshikhana processes summons and probate cases also.