Samajik Suraksha Yojana

For the upliftment of the unorganized workers, some social security schemes are run by the Government of West Bengal. Such as-

  • Provident fund scheme
  • Health Protection Scheme
  • Protection scheme for construction workers
  • Protection scheme for transport workers

The number of grants awarded from these schemes and the eligibility criteria for receiving them vary from scheme to scheme. So to make the projects easy and comprehensible to the workers, By combining them into an e-mer project, the Social Security Scheme from 01.04.2017 with the aim of providing equal benefits to all workers in 2018 has been launched all over West Bengal. 

Qualification:  It applies to every eligible unorganized worker in the approved list of unorganized industries and unorganized occupations notified by the Labor Department. The unorganized workers who want to become members should be residing in West Bengal between the age of 18 to 60 and the family income should not exceed 65 thousand rupees per month. There is no income ceiling for construction workers and transport workers.

Benefits received: Education: Financial assistance will be provided at the following rates for the education of a maximum of two children of the registered worker.11th class Rs 4000 Rs 12th Rs 5000 ITI trainees Rs 6000 per year Graduate level students (Arts/Science/Commerce) Rs 6000 per year Graduate level students (Arts/Science/Commerce) Rs 10000 per year Polytechnic 10,000 taka per annum studying medicine/engineering 30,000 Rupees per annum their two daughters will be given financial assistance of 25,000 Rupees each to complete their studies up to post-graduation. This facility will be provided only if the girls are unmarried till the completion of their studies.

Skill development training: The consumer and/or his family members will be given various trade and vocational training to enable them to engage in alternative economic activities, mainly self-employment. They can get this training free of cost from the West Bengal Society for Skill Development.

Health and Family Welfare:

A) The consumer or his family members can get financial assistance up to Tk 20,000 for inpatient or outpatient treatment in hospitals covered under West Bengal Health Scheme-2008 due to illness.

B) A beneficiary and/or his/her family members will be entitled to a maximum annual financial assistance of Rs 60,000 in case of surgical treatment.

C) If a consumer’s working day is lost due to an accident, That consumer can be given Rs.1000 for the first 5 days and an additional Rs.100 per day for the rest of the days up to a maximum of Rs.10,000. This benefit will be given only to the consumer.

Provident Fund:

  • Consumer- 25 rupees per month
  • Government grants 30 rupees per month
  • The State Government also pays interest on the employee’s fund at the rate at which the Central Government pays interest on the General Provident Fund Scheme from time to time.
  • All accumulated money with interest shall be returned to the employee or his nominee or legal heirs on completion of the employee’s 60 years of age or on the closure of the customer’s account in the scheme or in case of non-operation of the account due to death.

All workers already enrolled in the Provident Fund Scheme and the Protection Scheme for Construction Workers and Transport Workers are included in this scheme. However, they have to apply for this Yojana Bhakti by filling out a specific form (Form-1). To get SSIN by submitting additional information. All the registered workers under the Bhavishyanidhi scheme will continue to do so as if they had been depositing monthly contributions at the rate of 25 rupees. It is specifically mentioned in this regard that the construction workers and transport workers have to deposit the contribution to the government fund at the rate of 25 rupees per month if they want to avail the provident fund benefits. Social Exemption Card will be issued to affiliated workers daily.

Death and physical incapacity:Death: Payment of two lakh rupees in case of death due to accident. Paying 50,000 rupees on natural death is physical incapacity: Payment of Tk 50 thousand if the beneficiary has a minimum of 40 percent physical disability. In case of accidental loss of sight of two eyes, loss of function of two hands, or loss of mobility of two legs due to accident, the compensation will be Rs.2 lakhs. In case of accidental loss of sight in one eye of the consumer, a compensation of Rs.1 lakh will be given.

Contact for any additional information assistance at 18001030009