Mid-Day Meal Scheme

Cooked Mid-Day Meal Programme is one of the most important flagship programme in the country. Originaly, this programme covered the children studing in primary school(Class:I-V) and later it has been extended to the Upper Primary stage of education (Class;VI-VIII). It covers the Govt., Govt. aided, Local Body schools besides the children studing in Madrasah, NCLP, SSK, MSK etc.

  • 2572 no.s of Primary including SSK, 698 No.s of Upper Primary including Madrasah and MSK & 38 no.s of NCLP i.e. total 3308 no. of institutions Covered under CMDMP wherein 423901 no., 240626 no. & 1750 no. of students are opted accordingly i.e. total 666277 no.s of student opted under Cooked Mid-day Meal Programme during this F.Y. 2019-20.
  • 12006 no. of Cooks are engaged for cooking.

  • Sub-allotment of food grains and fund towards Cooking Cost, Remuneration of Cooks, MME, & Transportation Cost has been made in time and on the basis of the requirement.

  • Cost of Food Grains i.e. payment made to FCI, Malda / District Controller (F&S), Malda made in time.

  • Proposed Dining Hall construction at schools by SSM has been started in all blocks and will be completed soon.

  • Aprons, Rice Containers, Utensils, and Water Tanks are distributed among all the cooks and institutions of this district to maintain proper hygiene during cooking.

  • Single cylinder LPG has been connected to 3298 no.s of schools for smoke free cooking.

  • Fire extinguishers are also installed at most of the schools to maintain proper safety measures.