Food Section

The food and supplies Department under the District of Malda aims to provide food and nutritional security through the Khadya Sathi Program by ensuring a certain amount of food at affordable prices. With the special initiative and inspiration of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, 49, 18,187 people of Malda district have come under the food security program.

Through the National Food Security Act (NFSA) and the Rajya Khadya Suraksha Yojana (RKSY), the state government is providing food grains at the rate of Rs. 2/- per kg to all the people belonging to the Aantodaya Anna Yojana Scheme, priority household families, special priority household families, and the families enrolled in the Rajya Khadya Suraksha Yojana.

In a joint venture with the Department of Health and Family Welfare, 5 kilograms of rice, 2.5 kilograms of wheat and 5 kilograms of lentil are being provided free of cost to Severe and acutely malnourished (SAM) children, mothers, and their families treated at the Welfare Institutions. In this district, 5 kilograms of rice per head is accessed free of cost by the “welfare” scheme of 200 poor students every month.

The introduction of digital ration cards has begun to make the distribution system transparent and dynamic. Besides, every year during Ramadan, Durga Puja, Diwali & Chaat Puja the state government is delivering 1 kilogram of sugar, 1 kilogram of flour, 1 liter of edible oil, and 1 kilogram of Bengal gram to families through special festival packages.

In the Kharif season (2018-19), the government has collected 1, 95,231 MT of paddy at a minimum subsidized price from about 50,131 farmers. At present, the distress sale of paddy has been eradicated in the district. The district has an endeavor to purchase 2, 20,000 Metric tons of paddy in the ongoing Kharif season (2019-20)

Matters being dealt with by Food Section

  • Renewal of Fire License of S.K. Oil Dealer from 1001  Ltrs. to  2000 Ltrs.
  • Renewal of Storage License of S.K. Oil Big Dealer.
  • Issuance of New Retail Selling License of MS/HSD.
  • Issuance of New Retail Selling License of Cooking Gas.
  • Renewal of MS/HSD Selling License.
  • Renewal of Cooking Gas Selling License.
  • License renewal of Executive Engineer (Agri Mech), Malda – I Division.
  • Re-constitution of License of MS/HSD.
  • Re-constitution of License of Cooking Gas.
  • Fire License re-constitution of S.K. Oil
  • Issuance of Permit of Steam Coal.

This office provides License and renew the same every year to the 37 Distributors of LPG and 86 Petrol Pump Dealer from the entire Malda District through an online process. Also the renewal of 320 no. of S.K. Oil Dealers Fire licenses are done by this Office in Offline Mode. There are 10 Big dealers of S.K. Oil whose Fire License is renewed from this Office. Presently 26 new Petrol pumps and 22 LPG Distributors are is in process and the Renewal of the allotment of Coal. There are some High Court case are pending before the Honorable High Court whose correspondence is done through an online process.