Municipality Affairs Section

Complaints on the various matters are submitted by the people of Old Malda municipality and Englishbazar municipality to the DM, Malda.  As per the procedure, the same complaints are forwarded to the concerned municipality for their further necessary action.

Funds on the various scheme are allotted by the joint Secretary of the Urban Development and the same are forwarded to the both municipalities. At the same time, this office is informed regarding the funds allotted.  Whether the schemes completed in the time bound, it is asked to the both municipalities.  If the scheme completed, both the municipalities are asked to submit the utilization certificate of the funds to the authority.

On the various problems of the both municipalities are informed to the D.M, Malda.  At times, DM call for meeting for solving the problems through Municipalities Affairs Section.

Applications of the NFBS case of the both municipalities are submitted to this Section.After scrutinization, the same applications are forwarded to the joint Secretary to the Urban Development, Malda