Forms & Stationery Section

Process of work of Forms & Stationery Section in the following manner :

All the departments under this administration send their demand or requisition for stationery articles / Forms to this section. After receiving the same the clerk-in-charge  entered into the Receive Register and put those demands in their respective file with note sheet for approval of ADM(G), Malda through O/c forms and Stationery Department. After approval of Note-sheet all the items as desired in  their demand may be supplied from our General Stock if stock are available otherwise purchase the same from our approved supplier as per approval note sheet of ADM(G), Malda as per approved rate.

It is mentioned here that every financial year this section called on  e_Tender or online tender for purchase those items. Purchasing items entered into the stock register and then put up to the O/C , Forms for necessary signature of passed the bill. After passed the bill , the same are entered into Bill Register and send to the NDC, Malda or other concerned department for necessary payment

On the other hand , the Duplicate Carbon Receipt Book i.e. DCR are also supplied from this section and delivered also the approval of ADM(G), Malda  to the concerned department  or BDOs through Challan  Those books are collect  from B.G. Press, Kolkata and also approval of higher authority and then entered into stock register