Land Acquisition Section

Land Acquisition primarily refers to a process by which the Union and State Governments of India acquire private land for the purpose of Industrialization, Development, and Infrastructural facilities or urbanization of the private land and provides compensation to the affected land owners for their rehabilitation and resettlement. However, as a policy of the present Govt. of West Bengal focus has been given to the Direct Purchase of Land, a concept that has put a brake to further Land Acquisition in the State.

  • An overview of the functions of the Land Acquisition Section of this District
    • Hearing and payment to the non-verified and undisbursed awardees relating to the Land Acquisition case already disposed of.
    • Disposal of the applications for a recommendation for enrollment as an exempted category to the Land Losers.
    • Supply of photocopies of documents relating to the Land Acquisition cases as required by the Requiring Bodies for making applications for mutation of the acquired land.
    • Direct Purchase of land for different projects on behalf of the Requiring Bodies as entrusted by the District Magistrate.
    • Monitoring of the High Court and Lower Court cases by preparing and handing over the necessary documents to the State Advocate for keeping liaison with the Hon’ble Court and compliance with the Court’s order.
    • Arrangement of hearing and disposal of the Arbitration Cases on behalf of the Divisional Commissioner, Malda, and compliance with the order of Ld. Arbitrator.
    • Supplying of the information under RTI Act.
    • Supplying information relating to Land Acquisition cases.