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Notice regarding expression of interest for onboarding of utkarsh bangla empanalled training providers for conducting skill development short term training under LOI Module.

Memo NO:16/UB/MLD/I-01/2024   Dated:09.02.2024

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Notice related application for pre-examination training of SC/ST candidates for JEE/NEET Examination 2025

Memo NO:1526/BCW(MLD) Dated:19.12.2023

Memo No:- 1742/BCW(MLD), Dated:- 16/01/2024 (The last date of submisssion of applications has been extended). 

Memo No:- 1888/BCW(MLD), Dated:- 02/02/2024 (The last date of submisssion of applications has been extended). 

Memo No:- 2013/BCW(MLD), Dated:- 19/02/2024 (The last date of submisssion of applications has been extended). 

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Counselling Notice of all empanelled candidates under Malda District Primary School Council.

Memo. No:-273/MDPSC/24,  Dated 05.02.2024

05/02/2024 28/02/2024 View (621 KB) vacancy list (7 MB) Malda Panel Bengali_compressed (5 MB)
The District Administration ,Malda on behalf of MA & ME Department will hold IAS coaching awareness programme at Kaliachak College and Chanchal College simultaneously from 11.00 am onwards on 25.01.2024 Thursday.All the Civil Services aspirants in the district of Malda are welcome to attend the programme.

Memo No:- 200/MA & ME, Dated:- 19/01/2024


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Adibasi Gunijan Sambardhana-2023-24

Memo No:- 1602/BCW(MLD), Dated:- 28/12/2023


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Notice invites applications for Education Grant for poor and meritorious students under Baish Hazari Wakf Estate

Memo No:- BHWE/JM/734, Dated:- 16/11/2023


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Notice regarding revocation of SC certificate of Smt. Sulekha Singha

Memo No:- 622/SDO(s)/SC/ST/OBC, Dated:- 08/09/2023

11/09/2023 31/10/2023 View (234 KB)
Notice regarding revocation of SC certificate of Sri Sanatan Mandal

Memo No:- 627/SDO(S)/SC/ST/OBC, Dated:- 12/09/2023


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Public Notice icw Selection of ASHA under NHM under Malda Sadar Sub-Division Blocks Vide Notification No. 795/XIV-1/SDO(S)/23-24 Dated: 13.03.2023

Memo No:- 3015/XIV-1/SDO(S)/23-24, Dated:- 13/10/2023

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Notice regarding revocation of ST certificate of Smt. Chapa Mandal.

Memo No:444/SDO(S)/SC/ST/OBC Dated:05.06.2023

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Merit & Waiting list of SC/ST Category students for JEE/NEET pre-exam coaching for the year 2024 at Malda Bhibhuti Bhusan High School,Malda Town and Chanchal Siddheswari Institute , Chanchal, Malda

Memo No: 268/1(12)/BCW/(MLD)       Dated:- 19/05/2023

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Notice for admission in multiple hostels for OBC students.

Memo NO:340/BCW(MLD)      Dated:31.05.2023

01/06/2023 15/06/2023 View (411 KB) Application Form for Admission in OBC Central Hostel, Malda. (337 KB)