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Jagjivanpur is an archeological site situated in the Habibpur block of Malda district. This site is located at a distance of 41 km east of Malda headquarters. The most significant findings from this site include a copper-plate inscription of Pala emperor Mahendrapaladeva and the structural remains of a 9th century Buddist Vihara: Nandadirghika-Udranga Mahavihara.

This site comprises a number of mounds, the most massive of them is the 5 km high Tulabhita or Salaidanga. Other significant mounds are Akhridanga, Nimdanga, Rajar Mayer Dhipi, and Nandagarh. Another significant feature of the site is a large tank, Nandadighi (Nandadirghika of Mahendrapala’s inscription) which still covers a large area. Tulabhita mound covers an area of 9432 m2. A total of 262 trenches (6 m x 6 m) were laid, of which 78 trenches have been excavated so far.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Malda Airport is under construction. The two nearest airports are the Bagdogra Airport located 224 km away and the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport 316 km away from Malda City.

By Train

The Malda Town Railway Station (MLDT) has a very good rail connection to major parts of the country. 328 km away from Sealdah Railway Station (SDAH) and 234 km away from New Jalpaiguri Railway Junction.

By Road

The area has excellent-condition roads built around it.